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Helping pets and their people

Welcome to Pet Partners of the Tri-State Berkshires

When times get tough people have hard decisions to make about either feeding their children or feeding their pets. In most cases, the pets get sent to a shelter or rescue group, put to sleep or maybe adopted out. That is why Pet Partners of the Tri-State Berkshires was created.


    We provide:

     - free pet food through our Pet Food Pantry

     - call for referral to spay/neuter programs

     - assistance with basic veterinary care costs

       on a case by case basis.

Written proof of hardship is required to receive these benefits


These pages coming soon:

- Pet Tips

- Dog Health

- Cat Health

- Summer Pet Care

- Winter Pet Care

and more

Pet Partners was created to help pet owners in financial hardships care for their companion animals so that their pets can remain in their home and not be surrendered to shelters or rescue groups

100% of ALL donations go to the animals.

We are run

completely by volunteers.

How may we help you?
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